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About us

BIG BEE is a biomass processing plant that produces amazing results.

Self-sufficient in energy, our plant processes liquid manure, fermentation residues, sewage sludge, poultry waste, cotton, textile remnants and organic waste—and produces extremely low emissions.

Thanks to the intake of biomass, BIG BEE produces up to 1.2GW of electricity per year and up to 57,000L of water per day. Of course, this depends upon the raw material introduced.

After the processing of, e.g., 35,000 tonnes of manure, at the end of a year just 50t of clinically pure ash is left.


BIG BEE opens up unprecedented opportunities for:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Developmental Aid
  • Investment projects
  • and society in general

BIG BEE was developed, built, tested and patented by German engineers. BIG BEE is the future.


Talk to us and arrange a visit. We look forward to hearing from you.

1ab-energie GmbH

Höhenweg 12a
52249 Eschweiler

Frank Ostermann
Managing Director

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Technical establishment

Weberstraße 7
48619 Heek - Nienborg

Wolfgang Kirschbaum
Technical Director

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